2575 White Haven Drive

Marietta, Ga. 30064





August 18, 2019




As we know life can take us in many directions.  As our lives turn and shift we must be flexible to turn and move with it. You may or may not be aware that my daughter Anaya started having seizures in June. This has been such a shock and adjustment for our family. She has begun high school and we’ve moved to a new district as well. My intention was to continue working in the current space I’m in in midtown, however, Anaya continues to have seizures while in school and being 40+ minutes away from her just won’t work. My first priority is my family and I must make myself available to the needs of my daughter at this time.







However, I will be moving my business to the Powder Springs/Marietta area where we currently reside. This will enable me to be only minutes away from my daughter’s school and continue to service your hair needs! Although I know this may be a hike for some my hope is that you will understand the necessity and continue to support the business that supports your hair care needs and my family. I will attempt to work 1 Saturday/month in the city to accommodate the needs of those that aren’t able to make it this far. This will require prebooked and prepaid appointments. 


As I transition there will be a change in policy’s and procedures in order to streamline the way we do business. 


If your are interested in making this transition with me please respond to this message/email with the following info. Further details will follow once you respond.


***If you do not respond we will remove you from our database after 3 attempts of contact. You may also respond “unsubscribe” if you do not wish to receive any further correspondence from us.***


  1. Name

  2. Address 

  3. Phone number 

  4. Email address 

  5. Preferred method of contact (email, text, phone call)

  6. Top 3 preferred appointment days/times

  7. Will you make the transition to Powder Springs or will you NEED a monthly Saturday appointment? 



                              Please note that I have a few seasoned clients that are unable to physically make the drive and would prefer to save those Saturday slots for those that just absolutely can’t make the drive. On average the drive anywhere in Atlanta and surrounding areas are 30-45mins and for most this is the average distance of my clients to the new location. For some of you lucky ones I’m only minutes away.

I truly appreciate you supporting my business thus far. I hope you can understand the need for this abrupt change and hope that you are willing to make this transition with us. I look forward to continuing to service your hair care needs. 




Adrienne Leak